Historic Cornwall

... from Henry Hudson to the present

Yesteryear in Cornwall-on-Hudson

"'The growing popularity of Cornwall has created a want which the following pages are designed to supply,' wrote Lewis Beach in his history of the town published in 1873; among the topics he included were Cornwall's grandeur of scenery and salubrious air, its natural resources and the commercial potential and its wealth of history. Prized today as a valuable guide to early Cornwall, the Beach book in its time was promotional in nature - to publicize the attractions of Cornwall both as a summer resort and as a site for future commerical development." [web ed. note: not unlike this web site today]

"As the Half Moon anchored in the broad bay south of Newburgh, the swift canoes of the Indians shot out from the shore to investigate what kind of a bird their white winged visitors might be. They were of the tribe Warwaronecks, afterwards known as the Murderer's Kill Indians." - Town of Cornwall, by E.M.V. McClean

The History of Cornwall (And How One Magazine Writer Turned It Into an Oasis)

He called his home Idlewild ... and from there he edited his new magazine, the Home Journal; you may have a copy on your coffee table, though it is now known as Town & Country. Willis often wrote about his new home in the magazine, about the clean country air and vast natural beauty and healthful climate, at a time when privileged New Yorkers, his readership, were growing especially tired of the dirty city air and vast, ugly unhealthiness of urban life. Travel was generally hard in those days, but boating to Cornwall Landing was relatively easy, and Willis’ friends and readers came to check it out.

Historical and Cultural Resources Map - Cornwall

An inventory of the natural resources of Cornwall was undertaken by the Hudson Highland Land Trust in cooperation with the Town and Village of Cornwall on Hudson and the Cornwall Conservation Advisory Council in 2017-18 to augment an Orange County survey undertaken in 2005.

Postcards from the Past

Bayview Ave.

The New State Road to New York

Officer O'Dell On Willow Ave.

A wintry day

Boulevard in Winter


Band Stand, Cornwall N.Y.


Dock Hill Road in Winter

Cornwall Landing

Greetings from Cornwall

Lafayette Lodge

Orr's Mills Road, Cornwall, NY


Cornwall, NY

The Pines

Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY

Moonlight on the Ridge

Cornwall, NY

Storm King Highway .. deep snow.

Cornwall, NY

Bannerman's Island

from Cold Spring

Cornwall Church [unknown name]

Cornwall, NY

E. P. Roe's Park - Boulevard

Cornwall, NY

Greetings From Cornwall

Cornwall, NY

Linden Park Lake

Cornwall, NY

Main Street, 1900

Cornwall, NY

Mattheisen Square


"Little Point" the old camping grounds

Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY

Smith House Cottage

Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY

St. Thomas' Church and Rector (1906)

Cornwall, NY

Storm King Arms

Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY

The Square - Cornwall-on-Hudson

circa 1920's

On the Boulevard near E.P. Roe's Park

Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY 1908

Fisherman's Point

Cornwall, NY

Greetings from Mountainville, NY

Half Moon

Cornwall, NY

Main Street

Cornwall, NY

Old Homestead [Sands Ring] and Soldiers Monument

Cornwall, NY

New York Military Academy [NYMA]

Cornwall, NY

Upper Reservoir

Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY

Valley View Farm

Angola Rd., Cornwall, NY

Brookside Farm

Cornwall, NY

Cornwall Railway Station

Cornwall, NY [Cornwall Landing]

The Grand View Hotel

Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY

Greetings from Cornwall, NY

Cornwall, NY

Looking down the Hudson from Cornwall Landing

Cornwall, NY

"Mary Powell" queen of the Hudson

Cornwall Bay Cornwall, NY

Storm King

Mt. Cornwall, NY (??)

Mt. Cornwall (Flip-side)

Storm King

N.P. Willis' Pig-tight gate - Idlewyld

Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY

O. & W. Railroad Station

Firthcliffe, NY

Boulevard in the hands of "Snow King"

Cornwall, NY

"The Homestead"

Mountainville, NY

Stories from Cornwall's Past !

George Washington stopped here!

Sands Ring Homestead

There is some dispute about the original date of this historic building, but whether it be 1732 or 1750, the fact remains that it stood before our Nation began and holds historic significance to the Orange County Town of Cornwall along an important 18th century highway known as Newburgh Turnpike ... today it is a museum.


Cornwall Horse Thief Detection SocietyCornwall Horse Thief Detection Society
$50 Reward

Cornwall Horse Thief Society

The society is believed to be the oldest Organization in continuous operation in this region, and possibly in the state and nation. It was formed when horse thieves were a threat to farmers and residents of all classes. Horses were the main form of transportation. The society today hasn’t had any encounters with horse thieves, but members are ready to stay within the law, if they do. What was once a vigilante justice group in the community -- is today a social club that meets at historic taverns in Orange County, NY and the surrounding areas. Everyone is welcome to come by to hang out to chat about local interests. Insert contact info here.

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